Dr. David A. Sugar

Dr. David A. Sugar


Areas of Care:

  • Orthopedics
  • Arthritis

Dr. Sugar believes in treating patients as though they are family members, even going so far as to ask questions like, “How would I treat this woman if she were my grandmother?” As a surgeon, he is naturally fascinated with the human body and with quality surgical techniques, but when asked about the most satisfying aspect of his work, he is quick to say, “People.”

“I’m so humbled that people come to see me,” he says, “They are often feeling anxious and uncertain, and I can play a role in helping them to leave here feeling comfortable. It’s incredibly gratifying to be a part of people’s lives like that.”

As a Florida native, Dr. Sugar is fully immersed in the Sarasota community where he and his wife, Stephanie, are raising their three boys. Besides a secret ambition to be a guest star on Saturday Night Live, Dr. Sugar can think of no better way to spend his days off than with his family. He says that together they are “psycho Rays fans” and they love fishing, spending time with friends, or working on scouting projects together.

Having met just after med school, David and Stephanie Sugar have, in their words, “grown up together.” They like to keep a low-key, young-at-heart approach to their lives and their practice, with the goalbeing to provide a warm, relaxed, family atmosphere for staff and patients.

Dr. Sugar considers it an honor when you choose him for your orthopaedic needs. He is committed to providing care and service that is in keeping with that honor.

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